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Why we should all become teachers

Within your company (whatever its size) is a massive resource of “how-to” information, much of it stored in the heads of tech support, installation and sales people. For almost every one of your company’s product lines, you could write general “how to install” or “how to use” articles; not designed for users, but designed to demonstrate to prospects what they’ll be able to do with your product, and (with any luck) how easy it is to do it.

Couple this with the steady increase of “how-to” websites on the internet, and you have an article which could well give you a lot of marketing benefits. It’s also great material for your company blog. If you’ve asked product managers to contribute marketing material and received a marked silence in return, asking them specifically to write a “how to use product X for…” piece is much more likely to get a response, because everyone knows they’re the best-placed people to write that article. Don’t forget in the brief to say that the piece should be written as if it’s for an existing user of the product (although in reality it will be read far more widely by prospective customers).

Some help in finding some online homes for your article (after you’ve got it on your own website) can be found in Build Links with Instructional Content on Daily SEO Tip.

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