Try to visualise yourself in the customer’s position

Advertising on search engines (e.g with Google AdWords) – or even optimising to appear high in the Google results – is hard if your product or service isn’t something which people seem to be looking for. Your technology may not be particularly well established, for example, or it might be unknown outside of the industry. I’ve managed an AdWords campaign for a client selling a technical product to relatively non-technical customers, who know what they want to do but don’t know what technology would achieve it.

How Do I Use SEM If People Aren’t Searching For What I Do? on Direct Connections addresses this difficulty, by suggesting that you stop trying to sell the product through the advertising, but instead use the campaign to engage with people whose requirements you can meet, if only they knew what they wanted. Your subsequent literature can sell the product much better than three short lines of text ever can.

The key, as in so many areas of marketing, is to try to visualise yourself in the customer’s position. The problem is, that takes a leap of imagination, and for so many of us, it’s a leap which we never get around to making. We should.

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