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They’re not using Twitter to choose their suppliers yet

Here’s one for those of us who are still not exactly convinced that “social media” should be high up the list of priorities for industrial business-to-business website managers. How does social media rank in influencing business technology purchase decisions? on Sales Lead Insights delves past the headline statistic in a recent report which shows how much technology decision-makers actively participate in social media. The article uncovers the less exciting, but far more important conclusion that “social media has yet to effectively influence a large part of the technology buying process.”

Answering the question “Which of the following sources of information impact your decision making process?”, the 1200 survey respondents gave a clear first place to “peers and colleagues”, followed by “vendor, industry and trade web sites” and “your direct vendor salesperson”. Many other items such as magazines, tradeshows and interactive media make up the list. But while “social technology” might be used by business buyers in their personal lives, they don’t think it’s influencing purchasing decisions. For now, anyway.

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