Sensible tips for your next website redesign

I’ve been arranging for some website redesigns for clients recently. I don’t actually do the designs – there are graphic designers who can whip up a site in a quarter of the time it takes me – but I act as the interface between the person who knows their industry (that’s you) and the designer. Sometimes a little knowledge of both sides of a transaction isn’t a dangerous thing, it can be very useful. Good website designers know what works online, but they often have problems communicating that to clients, who might be uncomfortable with their suggestions. So to help you better understand what your website designer is going on about, let me point you towards 25 Design Best Practices for Your Small Business Web Site on Search Engine Watch, which will back up many of the things the designer ought to be recommending to you. It doesn’t bore you with in-depth explanations why you need to do these things, but it’ll make you realise that the designer isn’t trying to experiment on your website with some wacky new idea. If it’s on this list, it really is a sensible one.

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