Interlinking pages internally – (only) you can do all this

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The reason I believe businesses like yours should learn how to improve your own websites is because once you know what to do, you can do the job so much better than any affordable specialist consultant or third-party. Today I’m going to point you towards just one of the many advanced website optimisation techniques out there, and tell me if you think anyone chipping away at the edges of your website from outside could do this. And this is just one idea: there are dozens of great ones documented widely, certainly enough to keep a bright marketing assistant occupied on a full- or part-time basis.

In Internal Site Linking : An Easy Way to Improve Your Rankings on Search Engine Journal, the process of interlinking pages internally for improved search engine ranking is described. Here’s what you do.

Firstly, dig through your analytics to see what search terms you do well for, and list the page on your site which is ranking highest for each one. Secondly, for each of these, identify other pages on your site which are relevant to them. Finally, add links from these pages with anchor text containing those search terms. And there you have it – an internal boost to the pages you’re already scoring well with.

Now, this is the sort of thing which works, in terms of search engine optimisation. But it really needs the involvement of someone on your website management team (whether internal or external). You’d be tens of thousands of pounds into a search engine consultancy project before you got this sort of thing done for you, if it was even possible at all (many project-based consultants are limited in what they can do to your site anyway because of access).

If you want to learn how to master these sorts of things in-house, for a lot less than taking on specialist consultants, you know what to do.

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