Empathy has always been the key in industrial marketing

There’s some discussion going on in the more academic marketing world at the moment over whether emotional marketing has finally been beaten by rational marketing. This might seem a world away from our everyday concerns in the business-to-business sectors, but it does have some relevance. In Right-Brained or Left-Brained Branding? on Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog it highlights that this move might just be a misreading of consumers wanting reassurance rather than indulgence, a situation which most industrial marketers will take for granted as being normal. The article suggests that a balanced approach is surely still the best way, and empathy might be the big winner in your marketing message. I agree, but I suspect you instinctively know what people are more likely to respond to out of these two marketing scenarios: “Here’s the best Widget in the world at this price. Look at the updated benefits and features it offers” or “You can have our updated Widget that has the new features you need to make your life easier (demonstrating how) for less than you would expect to pay”.

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