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Emails: why buy or rent lists when you can make your own?

I was helping one of our Insider Programme members last week with setting up a new email marketing programme, and it was a joy to be working with a company which is so open to new ideas and which wants to know what’s working at the moment (it made me do some homework!). I’ve tried to find an article for you all which summarises – and backs up – the advice I’ve given them, and here it is.

“Purchasing email lists is NEVER a good idea. Ever.” on BeRelevant! gives the following advice: email lists you can buy and use yourself should be avoided at all costs; email lists you “rent” (i.e the owner keeps the list private but sends your email out for you) are good for specific campaigns; but nothing beats building and maintaining your own list. In my discussions with the client last week we reviewed ways of building customer and prospect email lists, and settled on a couple of initiatives which I’m quite excited about. If you’re not putting in the effort to build your own email marketing list, you really should be.

And don’t ever think “it’s too late, I should have done this years ago”, like many companies do. As much as 30% of an email list can “turn over” (become redundant) in a year …so you could quite quickly build up a list as big as any competitor, if they’re not actively managing their own – and many aren’t.

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