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Website redesign from the inside out

Today I have a tremendous article which I want you to file away somewhere safely for the day when you decide to “redesign” your company’s website. Redesigning Your Website: Who’s Taking Care of the Content? on the Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog discusses the most important omission from almost every corporate website redesign: what is actually going to go on this great new website.

If you talk to website designers, you’ll find that nine times out of ten, when they’re approached by a client, they’re told: “We’d like a redesigned, more modern website, which is easier to navigate around, looks cleaner, and is more consistent.” Whilst these are all laudable things to do, they’re the equivalent of saying: “Our company’s products are a bit old-fashioned, can you come up with a new logo?” The look and feel of things is important, but it can’t make up for a lack of substance.

Now, most website designers know this. But you won’t hear them say: “Great! I assume that you’re improving the content and facilities on the website, and you want a redesign to integrate these efficiently!” Why not? Because like any consultants, they tell you what you’d like to hear. If you want a paint job, you can have a super paint job. Why make you rethink employing them?

But don’t think a paint job will disguise the product underneath. A website redesign should mean a redesign …from the inside out.

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  1. Great posting this. The problem is that when creating copy and a construction guide there’s a tendency to focus on what a company wants to tell customers rather than what customers or prospects might want to hear. Combine this with the ‘company showroom’ approach and sites should be more engaging. I’ll be doing this next time round.

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