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Using a spreadsheet to get an overview of your web pages

This is a neat idea. You’re probably all aware of the importance of the URL, title, description and headline on a page (our Insider Programme members certainly are!) but have you actually planned them all out? It’s quite a sensible strategy, because it allows you to see how they all work with each other, and as all you need is a grid, a fine tool for this is good old Microsoft Excel. The tip comes from Use Excel to Plan Meta Tags, Titles and URLs for SEO on Search Engine Journal, and if you read the article, you’ll see other benefits such as Excel being able to count the characters for you (important in the title and description tag fields).

Another good reason to do this is that often, the person inserting the title, description and headline into a web page might not be the person who’ll be writing them. By putting it all together in a grid like this, the person who writes them (presumably in marketing) can easily communicate what they want to the person who actually implements them (presumably on the IT/web design side), and good communications leads to fewer mistakes and everyone being happy, as we all know.

(If you liked the article linked to above, there’s a great follow-up here too)

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