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Reaching out by email

Where do you turn for email marketing lists? I hope you have developed your own “opt-in” customer and prospect list over the years, but what if you want to reach a wider base? In Choosing the Right B-to-B Direct Mail List on the B2B Insights Blog, some of the best options are discussed, including trade association lists, exhibition attendees and magazine circulations, all of which are often available for hire. What have you found useful in the past? We’ve heard some good things about the list rental offerings from trade publisher IML, which publishes magazines covering several vertical sectors (contact Neil Whitaker on 01732 359990) but I’d like to hear any recommendations you may have. Then of course there are the circulations held by online publishers such as Pro-Talk* which aren’t available for rental for your own mailings, but which do their own regular mailings which you can take space in. These are easy to work with, and can have an impressive reach.

* Disclosure: Pro-Talk is the company I founded in 2000 and which I left amicably last year!

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