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Microsites – a smart way to sidestep global HQ

A lot of businesses consider launching “microsites” away from their main website because they want to build something around a particular product, or campaign …or because they want to build an independent resource away from commercial considerations. These can really work well. Another reason to build a microsite, which I often see (but is rarely discussed) is because a company has no control over its website (“it’s all run by the Germans, I’m afraid”) …but realises it can get away with doing its own thing on a separate domain just for individual projects. And that’s usually a marvellous way of getting around blinkered “global-head-office-knows-best” situations.

So how do you build a microsite, and why? The SEO Theory and Analysis blog discusses this in How to build a microsite and it’s worth a read if you think you might benefit from this approach. Indeed, if you’re someone in the unenviable situation of having all your online possibilities stifled by an overseas head office insisting on doing it all, you should definitely think about creating your own product and campaign specific websites (and of course, join our Insider Programme to coach you through the whole thing as you build them!).

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