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How to outperform the specialists

Another week, another great piece to think about in Seth’s Blog. What would a professional do? is asking the question: Are there aspects of your job where you’re competing against professionals who may be better than you are (because they’re specialists) – and how are you going to cope with that?

Have a think about the tasks your company requires you to perform where your competition uses specialists who will probably be better than you. The customers won’t make allowances for your ability to juggle so many skills, because they won’t even know or care. The example used in the article is “making presentations”, but I think you could apply this to “creating advertising”, “writing press releases”, “orgainising a company golf day” or even “building your company website”. In each case, do you have to do this yourself on a part-time basis, whereas one or more of your competitors will use specialists? How can you be expected to compete?

Read the article, then go for a walk at lunchtime and think about how you could exploit your closeness to the market or your honest understanding of it, to provide a fresher approach to these sorts of tasks.

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