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Get those search engine users clicking on your news

Here’s an article which is American, and aimed at newspaper journalists. Hang on, bear with me, because I absolutely believe there are some great lessons which industrial marketing managers can learn from this when it comes to writing their own press releases and the content pages on your website. 10 Ways Journalists and Newsrooms Can Conquer SEO comes from Search Engine Journal and the article drives home the fact that you need to engage your readers by using the headline to show how the story relates to them. And that means getting names, places and facts into those precious few words you have in the headline. As I’ve said before, jotting down the relevant keywords (search terms) before you start to write a story is essential nowadays – it’s easy to get them in if you’ve worked them out beforehand: the article shows you the tools to use to help if you’re not sure what they might be. Web copywriting is an art, but it’s not a black art which is the preserve of specialists – I believe anyone who writes reasonably well for print can master writing for online use too.

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