Facebook: you might have some fans out there

Not sure about all this “social media” stuff when it comes to your business? Are things like Facebook and Twitter really relevant to selling blue widgets to serious-minded industrial buyers? Don’t worry, I’m as sceptical as the next person, although every time I see someone doing something clever with this stuff, I get just that little bit more open-minded about it. I did recommend LinkedIn to you all a couple of weeks ago, after all.

So, can we use Facebook to our advantage? The Hallam Internet blog suggests it’s easy enough to give it a go that it might be worth a try. In Facebook Page for your Business there’s a concise guide to setting up a page for your business, although you may shudder at the thought of having “fans”. I do. However, don’t forget that you will have customers who like and use Facebook a lot, and whatever you think of it, they’ll approve. Also, the idea of using the Facebook group to offer exclusive promotions is a great one.

Right, never accuse me of not tasting my own cooking: here’s the “An Article A Day” Facebook Page. If you’re on Facebook, you’re just two clicks away from becoming a fan. You know you want to.

1 thought on “Facebook: you might have some fans out there”

  1. Chris – great blog!

    Another point to consider – I added our company profile to LinkedIn and it immediately leapt into the Google search listings for our company.

    These social networking sites should not be overlooked – Google et al like them very, very much.



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