Real comparisons with your competitors

I hope most people by now realise that old-style “site traffic measurement” programs like Webalizer and AWstats are pretty useless nowadays, particularly for industrial websites where we need to know about conversions and return on investment. We should all be using something like Google Analytics, and I hope you are.

Similarly, old-style measurement of how good your website is compared to your competitors have been shown up for the crude measurements they are. Statistics such as your “Google PageRank” and relative numbers of links shown in Yahoo! are just that – crude – yet they are frequently the first thing on the report if you get a cheap assessment of your website from some consultants. In 10 Ways I’ve Been Using Linkscape to Help Our SEO Projects on SEOmoz, a much more modern method is discussed (admittedly, using that company’s proprietary tool) and the advantages are clear. We use the Linkscape tool here at Business Marketing Online, and we’re very impressed with it, although the full tool is understandably not free. Our Insider Programme subscribers will already have been getting used to hearing us use results from it.

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