PR? Don’t mention keyword research

Are you going to be cutting back on your press releases and article writing this year? With budgets tight, it’s an obvious candidate for reduced expenditure, as PR in general is hard to get an accurate return on investment for. But if you want to defend this part of your marketing budget, there are a couple of good arguments in Should You Preserve Your PR Budget? on the B2B Insights Blog. You may find them useful.

I reckon that generating content for the media is as valuable as ever – but only if it’s done with a view to effective online publication. I read an article the other day which began: “Obviously every press release you write begins with using a keyword tool…” and went on from there. And I wondered: how many press releases issued in the UK are written without any thought whatsoever to scoring well on important search terms? Most, I’ll bet.

If you use a PR company, ask them if they think online coverage of their press releases is important. They’ll answer yes. Then ask them if they write them to work well online. They’ll answer yes again. Then ask them how they do that. See if they mention keyword research. If they don’t, ask them if they’ve ever heard of it. Oh, I’m just being mischievous now. But it’s your money.

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  1. You mention using a keyword tool to check our PR – where would we find something like this on the net? Any ideas? Another interesting article, thanks Chris.

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