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Building your own response forms

I hope you were able to read my articles on the challenge of getting name-and-address sales leads online, why you need to do so and how to convert traffic from Google and from your advertisements. The key is in having a great call to action, and getting it in front of the prospect as soon as possible.

The page where people arrive on your website is called the “landing page”. For Google traffic, that’s going to be the product page, so it might be difficult to extract names-and-addresses from visitors on that page. But ensure that at the end of the page, they’re directed to somewhere where they can quickly and easily reveal their contact details in exchange for something such as a brochure (and please, show the brochure, don’t send them to some general-purpose form).

For advertisements, it’s possible to create a dedicated “landing page” for that advertisement, and you’ll get many more enquiries if you do so.

If you’re in charge of your website, it’s time to get a cost for creating bespoke pages with forms on, to run in conjunction with your product pages and advertisements. Here’s an example of the sort of page I’m talking about:

Such pages might seem expensive and a lot of effort. But if you can get three or four times the enquiries (which you can), you can do half as much advertising and still get better results, so there’s the cost saving. Ask your web designer and get a price for making these sorts of pages up – it should be a sensible investment.

There is another way.

People who came to the seminars I addressed on this subject last autumn could see the sense in having reader enquiry forms and dedicated landing pages everywhere. But the cost and effort of making them up was clearly a cause for concern. For others, it simply wasn’t possible, because they just didn’t have the ability to put that sort of stuff on their website (“unfortunately it’s all run by the German head office I’m afraid”).

So we put our heads together here at Business Marketing Online and decided to build a tool which would allow people to create pages like the one above – with no IT skills required. What’s more, the pages would be created on our website, so you wouldn’t need access to your own site to make such a page.

When prospects fill in your form, the details are emailed to you immediately. In addition, past enquirers are stored securely and can be downloaded from our website at any time, in Excel format. Perfect. The result is what we call the Landing Page Creator, and we launched it last week.

What should we charge for this? Some companies might be processing hundreds of sales enquiries through many of these forms each month. It must be worth as much as a small advert, surely?

Then we had an idea. Despite the undoubted value of this tool (hundreds of pounds a month?), we’d make it available free of charge to members of our Insider Programme. Many of them are already using the Landing Page Creator very enthusiastically. Click here for more details about joining us – it’s only £500 a month, for all the advice we can give you, our weekly website development sheets, regular reports on your website – and now the Landing Page Creator too.

And guess what? If you’d like a chat about the Insider Programme, I’ve created a form! Here it is – use it to request a call from us or, if you’d prefer, an email..

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