Building relationships with online writers

I’ve touched on link building and its importance before, and I will doubtless do so many more times in the future. One of the great sources for quality links has become quality blogs, and you’d probably be surprised how many there are in your general area of business (think as much about your markets as your products when tracking them down).

Now, how do you get bloggers to write about you? It’s no different really from the way you’d approach magazine editors to write about you – just treat them with interest and respect, give them some material to work with, and the results will often follow. That’s another reason why I’m surprised that so many PR consultancies can’t be bothered with the whole online thing.

In Building Relationships is More Important Than Building Links Alone on Search Engine Journal, the whole subject of building business relationships with online publishers is examined. If you’re going down the route of doing your own link building, it’s worth a read.

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