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Another boring email title (with 47 characters)

For the many people who became readers of this blog in the past few days, I should point out that my daily ramblings aren’t usually anything like the length of those you saw last week. Normally I point to another article about online marketing, selected from hundreds of bloggers and authors I read regularly. Today I’d like to draw your attention to an article on the BeRelevant! site which summarises a recent research report on email subject lines.

According to the report discussed in Subject Line Research Reveals Content is as Important as Length, when you’re sending out emails, the first 38 to 47 characters of the subject line are the important ones, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your subject lines to 38 to 47 characters – you just need to get the good stuff in the first few words. And don’t forget – no matter how great your message, no matter how good the offer, anyone who finds the subject line too boring will never read what you have to say.

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