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The words which will make or break you

I thought I’d run with the subject of emails a bit more, as we’ve redesigned our own output this week for those of you who read these articles by email. iMedia Connection covered the topic of titling emails the other day in How to craft irresistible subject lines.

The basics are to keep your subject line short, and to get your brand name in. If you’re sending a frequent communication, the standard format is to put your brand in square brackets at the start of the subject line. For things like company newsletters, this probably won’t be the case, but I tend to favour a consistent statement of what it is anyway (the brand) – however, some of you might like to add a teaser to that too. Then you need to consider spam filtering – to say it’s overzealous at some businesses is an understatement, and with even just one “wrong” word (or character) in the subject line you can find 90% of your emails never reach their recipients. Anyway, read the article and take a view on your own email promotions.

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