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The next shift in online marketing

Here’s a long, thoughtful post which you might like to consider over the weekend. Inbound Marketing and the Next Phase of Marketing on the Web on the Inbound Internet Marketing blog looks at just how a major shock in the business and financial markets led people to change their online marketing strategies in 2001, so the current market crises may have the same effect.

Back then, web advertising shifted from display (banner) advertising towards pay-per-click (although at the speed most industrial B2B companies operate, that’s only just being realised in 2008). This time, the article suggests, businesses will be looking to stop pushing their messages with advertising and instead, they’ll want to pull traffic with the content on their website.

The three central components to this strategy will be having great content, optimising your search engine presence, and creating a buzz about what you have. If that all sounds a bit far-fetched for industrial marketing, I don’t believe it is. And I’ll be discussing them over the coming months in this blog.

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