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New, faster-acting suppliers

Here’s an interesting discussion from Sales Lead Insights B2B Marketing. React Faster to Your Leads to Increase Your ROI asks how quickly do you respond to the calls to action and contact forms on your website? It’s true (and I’ve been guilty of this at various companies) that when an enquiry comes in, we put it “into the system” and the prospect may be contacted in hours, possibly days, but never within minutes.

But if you think about it, that’s exactly when you need to catch them. How many times have you asked for information from companies online, but made your buying decision before all of them have responded? I have, on numerous occasions. Most companies think up excuses why they shouldn’t call prospects within minutes of them making online enquiries (“well, they might find it pushy”) but in reality they’re just excuses for not having a much more efficient system. Which gets better results.

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