Links are unequal. But how unequal?

One of the most important things you can do to develop your website is to start a link-building campaign. It’s something we’re covering with appropriate significance on our Insider Programme (which you really ought to think about joining in the New Year, by the way). Links are the currency of the web, and the most essential of the two things you need to do if you’re to get to the top of the Google results. Getting links is a chore, but there are loads of good tips to be had. It’s most important, however, to understand that links are not equal, and it’s not necessarily a numbers game. This is covered by the great Eric Enge in Cost Per Link Is A Bad Metric on his Ramblings About SEO blog. Eric suggests a way you can rate those links to your site, so you can keep an eye on any linkbuilding campaign you have going. Don’t forget, more companies than ever (possibly including your competitors) are budgeting for using external link building services in 2009, and if your budget doesn’t stretch to that, you need to be sure you’re making the time to do it in-house. Do ask if you need any advice, I’m always happy to help any of my blog readers.

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