I’d never thought of that

You may be one of those people who think brainstorming is a woolly management idea which takes your team away from their real jobs, yet produces very little (while requiring significant expenditure in biscuits). But most people who have attended a brainstorming session run by an experienced facilitator will be great fans – I became a convert many years ago after attending one at an open day run by a local management consultancy.

However, it’s quite possible to run a really good session without professional outside help. The Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog explains what you need to know in Take Your Brainstorming from Good to Wicked-Good, where author Paul Williams explains that it’s how you analyse the ideas which makes the difference.

Online marketing is a classic case of where your sales team can come up with some real eye-opening insights if you give them a chance, and a brainstorming session may be just the place to do it.

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