Control your own Google

If you hadn’t heard, Google introduced a highly significant enhancement to its service a week or so back, called SearchWiki. This enables users to edit their search results – that is, reorder, remove, or add web pages to the results for any query. You can add notes to listings too. There’s a good summary of the implications of this in Google SearchWiki 101: An Illustrated Guide on Search Engine Land which you might like to read.

If that looks daunting, I’ll highlight the bits you need to know, before any myths start to spring up. Firstly, changes you make by “voting up” sites won’t have any effect generally. Only you will see the impact of what you’ve done. However, notes you make on a page will be available for public perusal. But might the “votes of confidence” in a page be taken into consideration by Google one day when ranking a page? Maybe. For now though, don’t start any massive exercise of “voting up” all your pages for marketing purposes, you’ll be wasting your time.

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