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Your online marketing in 2009

Last week we completed a series of four seminars for marketing managers from UK engineering, scientific and construction sector suppliers. If you were one of the 60 or 70 people who attended, we hope you enjoyed your day with us and found it useful. Certainly the feedback (100% positive!) leads us to believe we got it right. We hope you found the introduction of our Insider Programme on a face-to-face basis to be revealing, and we know that many of you got quite a few ideas from my presentation on measuring all aspects of your marketing via your website. Our guest speaker Paul Bragg’s session on his own experiences of small-to-medium-sized business-to-business marketing was clearly inspirational to one or two of you, as one of the most frequently heard comments from delegates over lunch was how they’d started off thinking “we could never do that” and ended up wondering “why can’t we do that?” Finally, our afternoon “workshop sessions” looking at delegates’ websites was illuminating – I think many people who were initially hesitant to put their sites forward ended up surprised at how much they were getting right!

We may be able to hold further seminars in the next few weeks, and we’ll contact you if we have one which we think you might be able to get to. But if you’re interested in the Insider Programme, I’ll be spending some time out “on the road” around the UK between now and Christmas, and I’d be more than happy to drop by, wherever you are, to discuss what we’re up to: just email me.

If it’s passed you by, the Insider Programme is an affordable way of getting my colleagues and I to analyse your online marketing and show you everything you need to know in 2009. This goes way beyond any quick website analysis – instead, we go through each topic, one week at a time, in a steady, manageable way, giving you the information you need to get your online marketing working properly. Whether you work on your website yourself, or whether you instruct a team or external agency, the Insider Programme will give you everything you need to know – and you can do it all in just the odd hour here or there, or you can use it as the basis for instructing a team working full-time. It’s up to you. But you can master this yourself – in fact, we believe it’s essential to do so.

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