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Identifying your top keywords

Most of the people looking for your products and services online use the search engines. Some of them will find you because they’ve typed in search terms – or “keywords” – for which you do well in the search results. You can see what they typed in by consulting your visitor statistics. But others type in keywords which you don’t do well for, and they never find you. What are they typing in? It’s imperative you find out, and work on ranking highly for those keywords too. You can guess some of them – others you can find out by research. But ranking reasonably well for everything relating to your products and services is only half of the battle. You then need to determine which keywords get you customers, not just any old visitors. They’re the ones you should focus on.

Finding them takes analysis and patience. But it’s one of the most fundamental aspects of a successful B2B website. That’s why we launch into the subject in weeks 2 and 3 of the Insider Programme, which I hope you’ll consider joining.

A short article on Marketing Profs Daily Fix called Keywords, Keywords, Keywords talks about a good presentation which you might like to download. Follow the link there and the PDF slideshow you want is called Keyword Research – Do’s and Don’ts (September 16, 2008).

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