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Web marketing in layers. Yes, like an onion.

I did a seminar for marketing managers on Friday, and if I’d had time, I’d have loved to have gone into this article, The 8 Layers of a B2B Web Marketing Plan, on the WebMarketCentral Blog, because it really nails how to go about marketing your company online. You can take it as describing “just” your web marketing activities, or it could be the basis of your entire marketing activity if you’ve decided to move your marketing strategy to be fundamentally online-based. I know of more than one manufacturer where that’s exactly what’s been happening – asked to go away and come up with a new marketing plan with a fundamentally reduced budget, the marketing department totally ripped up their traditional plans and decided to re-start by concentrating on the area which is getting the best return on investment. It’s radical, but in a common sense way.

UK industrial readers will want to find alternatives for Layers 3 and 4, which are a bit too centred around the IT sector and the US market. Otherwise, it’s not a bad plan.

1 thought on “Web marketing in layers. Yes, like an onion.”

  1. Chris – thanks for the kind words and glad you found the post valuable! The diagram (ugly as the color scheme is!) could serve as the basis for an entire marketing plan, with a few elements like trade show (if those are important to your business) thrown in.

    And then of course there’s interactive PR, which is its own “onion.” Perhaps a topic for a future post…

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