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The other way around

Another one of those articles which might seem like it’s for the anoraks, but skim through because it highlights an important point. When you write a web page, I hope you’re always thinking about trying to “optimise” your site in the search engines for a relevant search term or two, by means of the words you write in the body copy, the title of the page, etc. But what if you have a search term which could be written back to front (e.g “widgets for working” or “working widgets”) and your research shows both are used frequently?

In Palindromic SEO makes SEO palindromic on theSEO Theory and Analysis blog, Michael Martinez shows you how to get both forms working for you. Core stuff if you’re a specialist copywriter, and although it might seem pretty esoteric if you’re a hard-pressed marketing director, make sure whoever writes your pages knows about this sort of thing.

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