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You don’t stand out by being bland

You’re not one of those people who fills their press releases with marketing-speak, are you? No, of course not. You’ve read Dilbert for years, and you laugh in the face of people who talk about leading-edge, state-of-the-art solutions.

Except that …well… if you do, you’re in a tiny minority. I know from an exercise in analysing the first 200,000 press releases which came into the Pro-Talk network, when I worked there, that words like “solutions” occur in the majority of press releases. Have you ever heard a customer ask for a “solution”? No, of course not.

Anyway, Are You Writing Gobbledygook for Your Buyers? on the B2B Lead Blog takes up this topic and makes the very salient point: “isn’t the goal of doing a news release to stand out in the crowd? Well we’re not if we’re using these words.”

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