Something for the weekend

Right, here’s an article which you can read and then think about over the weekend (if I sound pushy, it’s because I feel strongly about this one!). The article is even worth reading a couple of times to make sure you’ve got the message. And the message to take away is: “Forget demand generation. That is so 1995. Instead, focus your efforts on demand facilitation.”

The article, Focus on facilitating demand, not generating it, from BtoB magazine, points out that buying behaviour has been transformed in the past few years, and (sadly for those of us in B2B marketing), it’s the buyer who calls the shots in the product information transfer process now, not the seller. Successful B2B marketers are no longer the ones who push their message out the loudest, but the ones who make it the easiest to find. If you’re not quite sure about the implications of this, you need to have a long, hard think about it.

As ever, we’re here with the Insider Programme to help you sort out this challenge.