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Don’t assume we’re all alike

Most of you won’t be redesigning your company website any time soon, and even then, if you’re part of a large corporation, you may get little or no input to the exercise. But it’s worth understanding the fundamentals of on-screen design, and an easy-to-understand article called What is the best screen resolution to use for your website? on the E-consultancy blog is a well-written guide if you want to understand one of the most basic decisions behind how a website looks.

I’m writing this on an iMac with a huge 1,920-pixel-wide screen. You may be reading it on anything from an old 800-pixel-wide monitor (less than half the size) to something as big (or bigger) than mine. Chances are, you’re somewhere in the middle. But whatever the case, never assume that what your visitors see is the same as you do, because it isn’t. And I haven’t even mentioned mobile devices. Your site needs to be able to cope with everything. Can it?

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