A checkup from Dr Google

Not all of you are joining us on the Insider Programme (although if it’s marketing budget time, please have a think about it for January). On the programme, we hope to identify all the areas for improvement in your existing websbite as well as taking you onwards and upwards. But I’m a nice guy, so from time to time here I’ll still be pointing you towards DIY ways of analysing your websites as they stand. After all, the ideas are in the public domain anyway!

In How To Diagnose Your Site with Google Advanced Search on Search Engine Journal there are a whole bunch of smart ideas which don’t require any of the clever tools I’ve had to spend money on here at bmon Towers. All you need is access to Google. These commands will give you some good pointers towards weak areas of your website, without any expense. Which is nice. If you want all this sort of thing to be explained properly though, you’ll have to join us on the other side.

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