Search engines: page 1 or bust

Lots of people monitor their position in the Google results for various search terms which they’ve identified as being important. But whilst you want to be as high as possible, is there a position below which it doesn’t matter where you are? Yes, and for most of us it’s number 10, because the vast majority of Google searchers never click to the next page.

In Why I Think SERPs Should Go Beyond 10 Results on Search Engine Guide, the author argues that the search engine results pages (the “SERPs”) need to serve up more results by default, because they’re not that good that they can provide the best result in the first ten every time. And users are lazy. Whether or not you’re interested in his campaign, the statistics on how few people go to the second page of results make depressing reading for anyone who’s satisfied with having got to number 11 in Google.

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