What to put in your company blog

You probably don’t have a company blog. Whilst the number of companies producing them is expanding massively, they’re still rare in industrial circles. And that’s a real missed opportunity. Blogs provide some wonderful opportunities to publish content which would never sit comfortably on your main website – and they also get a surprisingly large following amongst your customers and (more importantly) potential custoners. Why do I go to the effort of writing this one every day? Because it keeps the name of my business in front of you, and from time to time I can remind you about our existing services and our future ones.

So do think about starting a blog. We’ll advise you how on the Insider Programme. In Don’t Know What to Blog About? Ask Someone Else on the Inbound Internet Marketing blog, there’s a list of ideas, as well as encouragement to start your blog now, rather than making excuses about why it should be left until next year.

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