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Press releases: things have moved on

Do you still write your company’s press releases the same way as you did ten years ago? Or if they’re written for you by a PR consultancy, have your writers changed their approach over the past ten years? If not, it might be time to change your writers. The fact of the matter is that before the web became the main target for press releases, you had to write them to appeal to journalists and editors. Now you have to write them to appeal just as much (if not more) to customers, who’ll be reading them directly. And don’t forget Google is a recipient you also need to target in its own special way.

In The New Rules of News Releases on the B2B Lead Blog you’ll find a good summary of the approach you should be taking nowadays. Some people may disagree. But I think this article gets it spot on – and that’s after 20 years as one of those journalists and editors who used to be the sole target for your press releases.

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