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Keep on keeping on with Google

Someone asked me recently what position in the Google results I would classify as “good”. Sadly, it’s very high. As you go down the page, clickthroughs drop dramatically (and sorry – if you’re not in the top ten, i.e on page 1, you’re toast). An article on Conversion Rate Experts called Why Rank #1 in Google shows quite graphically where people look on the Google results page, and shows how important a no.1 spot is. The number of people bypassing the AdWords ads at the top of the page has soared in the past couple of years – that’s no reason to stop AdWords advertising, as you only pay for results, it just shows that you’ll get several times as many clickthroughs from a (free!) “natural search” top position as you will from an ad. So that’s every reason to haul yourself up the Google “natural search” results. It can be done! For some search terms it’s a long haul, for others it can be surprisingly straightforward. Subscribers to our Insider Programme are getting all the tips we can give them to get to that coveted position.

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