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Don’t take our word for it…

I love testimonials on websites. They seem to look good in that context even if they don’t quite seem to fit on a company’s printed promotional material. But getting them can often be a chore. A nice article called 5 Tips for Getting Testimonials to Build Referrals on the Branding & Marketing blog will give you an idea or two about how to go about it. Actually, the simplest of all is probably the most effective: call a customer with a short customer service questionnaire, and then ask them at the end if you can use their words in a testimonial.

1 thought on “Don’t take our word for it…”

  1. Hi Chris:
    Wow — thanks for the linkback.

    I was just thinking about testimonials this morning and found a website from a company down in Florida USA that does a great job of marketing their testimonials… although it’s a bit buried on their website. I don’t know the company — I’m about 600 miles north in Ohio, but I like how they handle it.

    They get a testimonial typed on the company letterhead, scan it as a PDF, then use an excerpt hyperlinked to the pdf. It’s Harkins Development. You have to click references. It’s a nice understated way of posting references and believable testimonials on a website.

    I’ve subscribed to your feed and plan to keep reading your blog. thanks,
    Chris Brown

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