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Great books about online marketing

I used to be one of those kids who spent all his exam revision time drawing out revision timetables, and then running out of any time to do revision. Now I read books about online marketing all the time, and subsequently have no time to put the ideas into practice on my own websites. Well, it seems like it. Anyway, I was wondering which books I’d class as the best I’d ever read, so I did the usual thing (this is a good technique, by the way) and entered the names of three of them into Google, in one query. The idea would be that if there was a web page in the world which came up with those three titles on it, the page might well be a longer list of great books compiled by someone with similar taste.

Bingo. 10 “must-have” books (in our opinion) for web marketing on the Conversion Rate Experts blog is just such a list. Something to take on your next holiday with you.

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