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How dense are your keywords?

Today’s linked-to article is a fairly throwaway piece, but it allows me to bring up an important subject. In Keyword density: How many keywords are too much? on the Industrial Search Engine Marketing blog, the author ponders whether there’s a magic number for keyword density.

Hang on a moment, if you’re thinking “keyword what?”, this is for you too.

Keyword density is the percentage of the copy on the page taken up by “keywords”, or your targeted search terms (the ones you want to be found on Google for). To reinforce that your page is about “red widgets”, and to help your page score more highly in Google for “red widgets”, you should probably include the term more than once on the page. But how many times is too much? That’s something we need to consider carefully.

I bring this up because one or two people have expressed interest in our forthcoming Insider Programme training course and consultancy service, but have asked me if it’s worth it, as their website is controlled by a parent company, and there’s nothing they can do to modify the design. My answer is that even if your input to your own website is limited to providing news and copy, there’s still a lot you can do to improve things – such as considering the keyword density of the copy you provide. We’ll be investigating this a lot further in the Insider Programme.

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