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It’s not all about rewriting the code

There’s a whole consultancy industry called “search engine optimisation”, or SEO, which has built up around the understandable desire of companies to “get us to number one on Google” (to which I say: “number one for what, precisely?”). And the most frustrating thing for most of these consultancies appears to be the inclination of clients to just ask them to do all the “technical stuff with the code”. That’s a relatively easy piece in the jigsaw, but it’s not going to get significant results on its own, and so often, the consultancy exercise is considered a disappointment.

Another activity is essential: link building. This appears less technical, and clients are less likely to want to pay consultancies to do this. That’s all very well, if they actually do go ahead and do it themselves. But they rarely do, as Link Building and SEO: Time to Get Back to Basics? in the B2B Web Strategy blog explains. Don’t you hate it when customers only let you do half the job, when you know you could do so much better for them? Don’t fall into the same trap.

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