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Heavyweight reading

MarketingSherpa is a well-known online marketing resource, and for good reason. It recently released its huge 2008 B2B Lead Generation Handbook (link to executive summary) and I’ve been ploughing through it. However, there’s little reason to spend ages writing it up thoroughly when others have already done a good job, so I refer you to What Works Now in B2B Lead Generation, Part 1 at the The WebMarketCentral Blog, where author Tom Pick pores over some of the conclusions. It’s well worth a read of the article, or the summary. Or both.

2 thoughts on “Heavyweight reading”

  1. Chris, thanks for the nice shout! I really like the concept of the blog you’ve put together here and will add this to my regular visit list.
    Quick note – I added a second “Part 2” post regarding the Marketing Sherpa article this week.

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