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First keywords …but then get those links

There are a few people in the world who love link building, but I suspect that for most of us it’s one of those tasks which seems daunting, as well as potentially boring. So if ever there was a job which is likely to remain at number two on our “to-do” lists, this could be it.

Excuses to avoid getting links are easy: after all, in trade and tech marketing, who’s going to want to link to B2B sites? But I have to keep banging on about how important it is. We have to keep trying if we want those positions high up in the search engines. So every time I come across articles related to the subject, or to keyword research, I’m going to push them in your direction. Because we all need inspiration.

What has keyword research got to do with link building? When you’re clear in your mind what search terms are the priorities for your web site, you can start looking into the sites which are doing well for those terms – and in turn, get some of the best possible pointers to sites which might link to you. So let’s get going with our keyword research, but don’t let that become an excuse for putting off link building!

Today’s coffee-time reading: Keyword Research: Where to Start? from Search Engine Journal

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