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The Word on the Street

The SEO Theory and Analysis blog today looks at Trends in SEO link building since 2004 and points you in the direction of Google Trends, an increasingly important tool in keyword research. Apart from directing you towards a better choice of keyword priorities for your site, it can also be used to back up your choice of terminology internally. For example, in my editorial capacity I was long ago required to standardise on “sensor” or “transducer” (yes, I appreciate there’s a difference, but this was in general terms). It’s the sort of discussion which comes up repeatedly in many organisations, particularly when Sales reckons it knows better than Marketing. Now you can put the two terms into Google Trends and if you do, you’ll discover that almost no search engine user in the UK opts for the word “transducer” – which is killer data. We’ll ignore the discussion for now as to why the number of searches for “sensor” is falling!

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