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Today I’d like to highlight a post from Search Engine Journal: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft: SEO Influence of Keywords in Domain Names asks “Are keywords in URL and domain name important? And how does it differ across various search engines?” For most of your companies, you have a set web site name (, probably), so you may be thinking “does this rather arcane discussion matter?” Well yes, it might well do, because you don’t have to put everything on your own company web site. Creating specific domains for specific campaigns is an option which most companies explore from time to time, and it’s a technique which can prove very effective. And if you try it, you’ll need to consider if it’s worth putting your keywords in your new domain name…


More stuff to get you thinking, from Seth’s Blog: Rough edges and attention – “If you want to get noticed, don’t be so polished. This UPS truck has a haphazardly affixed SAFETY sign hanging from the back. Think that’s unintentional? UPS does it on purpose…” And here’s a good tip for link-building: Squeeze the Most Juice Out of Your Social Media Profile from Search Engine Journal

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